Wilted flowers

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Wilted flowers

Wilted Flowers

Wilted Flowers won the first price at the Indie Gameleon Game-Jam 2013. During this game jam our team ‘Zombies ate my Game’ was formed, consisting of Erik Roelofs, Martijns Prins, Merel van der Wees and Rieneke Schaap. We are of course enormously proud of what we have achieved in those 48 hours. Are you curious to play the game? It will be avaible soon

Wilted Flowers is an adventure game were you play a castaway. In the game a mysterious woman seduces you to leave your ship and approach the island with a rowing boat. It doesn’t take you long to realize that something is wrong with this island. Your flashlight and compass will help you find a way back to your ship. Unfortunately there are magnets on the island that disrupt the compass so you have to collect and disable those first.

( Spoiler alert )

Ghosts are roaming on the island! But they haven’t always been ghosts. Just like you they were once seduced by the mysterious woman. However this woman isn’t as beautiful and innocent as she seems from a distance. Soon enough you too will find out that the woman is a ghost looking for a new groom…


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