The team

Zombies ate my Game

This is the team name we used to register in the last two game jams. A game jam is a competition where teams need to design and create a game in a very short time (around 48 hours). The subject of the game is announced just before the jam starts.

How it all began…

Zombies ate my Game started with a game jam of the first Indie Gameleon Festival 2013 in Groningen. Studio Bleep registered together with Erik. Martijn joined the team during the kick off.


Our first game jam was very successful; the collaboration was great and after a fun weekend our horror game ‘Wilted Flowers’ won the first price! After the game jam we decided to continue with Zombies ate my Game and to compete in future game jams. The second game jam we participated in was the Games [4Health] Jam 2013 in Eindhoven. The whole team was present and a new team member joined us:


This game jam was also quite successful. Besides the usual activities like programming, crafting and drawing, we could jump in the whirlpool and relax a bit. During this game jam we created our game Kweekvijver (Breeding pond). The goal was to create a game for children that is entertaining in the swimming pool and lets them move around actively. We are very proud that our game won the first price and we hope that it helps to promote healthy physical games.


To be continued…

Zombies ate my Game is a beautiful collaboration between different individuals and we will continue working together in future projects and game jams.