Hoelie stoelie

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Hoelie stoelie

Hoelie stoelie

Hoelie Stoelie works similar to ‘Kweekvijver’ though we changed the appearance to chairs. Hoelie Stoelie was created for the event ‘Wonen in Groningen’ (Living in Groningen) and could be played on the square of the Grote Markt in Groningen. During this event unique shops are placed in the spotlight. And with the theme ‘interior’, what could be more fun than designing your own interior and in our case designing a chair with Hoelie Stoelie.

How to play

With Hoelie Stoelie children can design their own digital chair. Hoelie Stoelie is played with a physical blue or green children’s chair. On a big screen the player can see it represented digitally. Nearby there are four locations that can be scanned with the chairs. Each location has a different color that corresponds with the color shown on the big screen. There the players can see what chair part they get if they scan one of the four locations. Every so often the four locations get new chair parts.

Curious about the results?

Will be uploaded soon!.


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